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Catalog of research topics of the department

The main research areas of the department are the numerical simulation of friction processes and the experimental investigation of friction and wear mechanisms as well as the influence of friction by ultrasound. There are numerous cooperations, most of which are funded by the German Research Foundation.Industrial collaborations include combustion engine wear, anti-friction (squeaking), tire rubber wear modeling, and chemical-mechanical polishing of wafers for the hard disk industry.

Research topics include, among others

Simulation of friction and adhesion at different levels - from atomic to macroscopic - with applications in:

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Friction and plastic deformation under the influence of ultrasound, ultrasonic bonding 
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Dynamics of micro- and nanosystems:

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Further development of new simulation methods for mesoscale and multi-scale simulations. These include:

Mechanik und Thermodynamik kontinuierlicher Medien als physikalische Grundlage für die Entwicklung von neuen Simulationsmethoden:

Computer-Aided Design von neuartigen hochleistungsfähigen Materialien.

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