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Practical information

On the following pages you can read about many practical information from our first participant of these program, Johannes Hörmann

Application procedure

On the homepage of PI is a short description of the agreement.
This link gives you the wording of agreement between  TUB and THU.

Application at the TU Berlin.

The application for the double-master PI with the Tsinghua-University (THU) is the same like all other international programs: It will be organized with the international students' office of TU Berlin.
Im international student office is Uta Kirschner the contact person for all Asia-programs. Her contact and office hours you can find on the Homepage of the international student office. Furthermore you can find there the needed documents on the site with downloads. Normally required documents are the follows: 

  • Application form
  • curriculum vitae 
  • Letter of motivation
  • Study plan
  • Copy of Bachelor certificate (including English translation)
  • Transcript of Records (including English translation)
  • Copy of abitur certificate
  • Assessment
  • Language certificate English
  • copy of the passport

In the website`s time schedule of the international student office can be found deadlines and Application deadlines for the TUB - THU - double master. It would be helpful get in touch with Mrs. Kirchner soon. 

Application at the Tsinghua University Beijing

At first the online-application is filled on the Homepage des "International Students Office" of the Tsinghua University (THU). To do this, the user must register in http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn/app. It may take time for an answer after the filling of the online-form because the application will be pre-checked.

When all information are ok than the application can be printed and add with an passport photo. For more information how and which documents has to be filled: Please note the example of application below.

In my case: With these application it has worked! The signed application can be forward together with all other needed documents from the international students' office of TU Berlin (TUB) to THU. Which further documents are necessary depends on the specification of graduate students. That is possible because the Masters degree can be awardes on the THU. It means:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Bachelor certificate
  • Transcript of Records
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Copy of Passport

And of course the documents and the texts need to be in English. A certification of language skills (English or Chinese) was not necessary in my case.

Obviously the THU demand less documents than the international students' office of TU Berlin. When the application is submitted to the international students' office of TU Berlin and it is accepted than Mrs. Kirchner (TUB) needs only the application-form of THU. Mrs. Kirchner compile all the documents required for the application and send it to THU in China.

Here are the example of application and other needed cosuments.

Below are furthermore my interim report and final report from the first year of my studies on the THU. Please note that at first (in 2013) I was an ordinary exchange student on the THU, without a double-master-degree.

The double-master degree - agreement between TUB and THU was signed on January 2014 during my studies on the THU. That was the reason that I have extended my stay there. The information in my interim report relates to the procedure of „Exchange Students“ or „Non-Degree Students". In the final report I informed about about the double-master-program which started in winter semester 2014/15.

Interim report after WS 2013/14 (in German)

Final report after SS 2014 (in German)

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