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Double Degree Program

     On these pages, we would like to draw the attention of the students to three existing double degree programs of the Master's program PI, which are also open to Bachelor's degree students of the other degree programs. These three programs have developed well in the past and are exceptionally well funded by the German Academic Exchange Service.

There are cooperations in the form of double degree Master's programs with the Polytechnic University of Tomsk, Tsinghua University of Beijing and the East China University of Science and Technology.

1. Double Degree Master Program in Engineering Sciences in cooperation with Polytechnic University of Tomsk, Russia

Founded in 1896, Tomsk Polytechnic University is the oldest technical university in Siberia. Together with two Moscow universities, the TPU is one of the three best universities in Russia. In the research category, it even holds second place among all Russian universities, right after Moscow's famous Moscow State University. It is also one of the world's most renowned universities, as evidenced by the current rankings. To date, there are more than 20 students who have completed the double degree program, so it's easy to get personal information about the program. The DAAD supports study visits as part of the double degree program with monthly scholarships. more

2. Double Degree Master Program in Mechanical Engineering in cooperation with Tsinghua University of Beijing, China

Founded in 1911, the university is considered a Chinese elite university in the field of technology. In the THE ranking, it is ranked 47 worldwide, after Caltech, Oxford and MIT, but in the same weight group as the University of Tokyo, the University of Hong Kong or the Humboldt University Berlin. The double degree program between TU Berlin and Tsinghua University, which was only signed in 2014, immediately aroused great interest. The DAAD supports study visits within the framework of the double degree program with monthly (!) Scholarships as well as a subsidy for health insurance and a travel allowance. more

3. Double Degree Master Program in Mechanical Engineering in cooperation with East China University of Science and Technilogy

The scientific cooperation between Prof. Dr. Valentin Popov, Institute of Mechanics at the TU Berlin, and Professor An Qi, Department of Tribology and Prof. Sih, Department of Material Theory of the ECUST-East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai is bearing good fruit: With the DDMPES, the Double Degree Master Program in Engineering Science, a dual master program was signed in July 2007 between the two universities. With DDMPES it is possible to obtain two Master's degrees in four semesters, the "Master in Mechanical Engineering" of the ECUST and the "Master in Engineering Science / Physical Engineering" of the TUB. more


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