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International Workshop



Adhesion and Friction: Simulation, Experiment, Applications

Lupe [1]

International Workshop

Technische Universität Berlin, November 13-16, 2017


Prof. Dr. Valentin L. Popov &

Prof. Dr. Sergey G. Psakhie



Adhesion is a phenomenon that plays an important role in many technical applications as well as in biological systems and medical applications. Many aspects of this phenomenon are still not well understood. The workshop is intended to provide an intensive exchange of information on the state of research on the rapidly developing area of "adhesion and friction", whereby "friction" also means "internal friction" (and thus adhesion of elastomers). Invited are representatives of physically and mechanically oriented research as well as representatives of the fields of application - in mechanical engineering, biology and medicine. The targeted applications are adhesion both on the macroscopic level and on the scale of cells (which is of great importance, for example, in cancer research) and even on the scale of individual molecules


·      Influence of macroscopic shape on adhesion

·      Influence of roughness on adhesion

·      Numerical simulation of adhesive contacts

·      Experimental studies of adhesion

·      Adhesion of viscoelastic media

·      Interplay of adhesion and friction

·      Modeling of adhesive contacts with friction

·      Adhesion and tribology of gradient materials

·      Adhesion and friction in biological microstructures

·      Adhesion of cells and testing methods based on adhesion

·      Molecular adhesion

Call for papers

If you are interested in participation, please submit an abstract in English not later than September 30, 2017 (preferably by e-mail).

Announcement (PDF, 46,2 KB) [2] 


Prof. Dr. Valentin Popov    

Technische Universität Berlin

Institute of Mechanics, Sekr. C8-4, Str. des 17. Juni 135, D-10623 Berlin GERMANY

Tel: +49 (30) 314 21 480 Fax.: +49 (30) 314 72 575 E-mail: v.popov@tu-berlin.de [3]





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